Terms and conditions

  1. All good or material delivered or works performed under any orders or releases are subject to inspection and rejection by EXFO in it sole judgment. EXFO may reject any damaged, defective, or otherwise nonconforming goods, material or work. EXFO may return any defective, damaged, or otherwise nonconforming goods to the supplier. EXFO shall be giving credit at the invoice price for such return. In no event shall such goods be replaced by the supplier without written authorization from EXFO.
  2. For all its requirements, EXFO only source genuine manufacturer's components. Any components not coming from an approved distributors will go through a special inspection process and will not be paid unless EXFO is sure that those parts are conform and new.
  3. EXFO reserves the right to place in the supplier plant, at EXFO's expense, an inspector or inspectors who shall be permitted reasonable access to the facilities operations and processes to the supplier to inspect during the process of manufacture of before shipment any goods subject to any order or release.
  4. Unless EXFO's written consent is first obtained, the supplier shall not in any manner advertise, publish or release for publication any statement mentioning EXFO or depicting or describing goods or services purchased by EXFO or the fact that the supplier has furnished or contracted to furnish any goods or services to EXFO.
  5. EXFO shall retain title to all designs, sketches, drawings, blueprints, patterns, inventions, dies, models, molds, tools, special appliances and material furnished by or paid for by EXFO. The supplier shall ensure that EXFO's property is identified as such while in the supplier possession.
  6. If requested, the test report must be included with the parts in the box.
  7. Except if specified otherwise, the delivery date on the order is the date that the material must be received at EXFO. If requested delivery schedule cannot be met, please advise EXFO upon receipt of the purchase order.
  8. EXFO reserves the right to cancel any order not delivered within 14 days past the requested delivery date.
  9. Parts delivered before the agreed upon due date, without EXFO's consent, will be paid according to the terms of the agreed upon delivery.
  10. Please mail or email the invoice to the address specified on the purchase order.
  11. EXFO PO number must be included on all invoices as well as a complete and clear description of the merchandise.
  12. By accepting this Purchase Order, the supplier hereby confirms its compliance with EXFO's Agent Code of Conduct ("Code"), copy of which can be found on EXFO's website at: https://www.exfo.com/en/corporate/charters-policies/. Any conflicting terms included within the supplier's sales order acknowledgement or other sale document that are for the purpose of excluding the supplier of the obligations to comply with the Code shall render this Purchase Order void and without effect.