Equipment Calibration Specification

Each test report or calibration certificate shall include at least the following information, unless the laboratory has valid reasons for not doing so:

ISO/IEC 17025 SectionRequirement
5.10.2 a The title, i.e. Calibration Certificate or Test Report.
5.10.2 b Name and address of laboratory where calibration/test was done.
5.10.2 c Unique identification of the certificate or report (instrument serial no. + date is acceptable) and identification on each page.
5.10.2 d Name and address of customer.
5.10.2 e Identification of the calibration procedure, or clear description of non-standard method.
5.10.2 f Description and clear identification of instrument calibrated (description and serial No.).
5.10.2 g Date(s) of calibration.
5.10.2 i b
Measurement results with units.
Measurement uncertainties and/or statement of compliance with identified metrological specification.
5.10.2 Note 1 Each page must be numbered and total number of pages. a All deviation, additions, or exclusions of the test method, and all other pertinent information relative to a specific test, such as environmental conditions. When an instrument has been adjusted or repaired, the results of the calibration before and after adjustments or repairs must be reported if available.
5.10.2 j The signature and job title or equivalent identification of the person(s) accepting responsibility for the contents of the certificate or report, and the emission date.
5.10.2 Note 2 A note indicating that the certificate may not be reproduced except in full without the written approval of the laboratory. a Conditions (e.g. environmental) under which the calibration is carried out and which have an influence on the measurement result. c Evidence of traceability (e.g. list of calibration and test instruments used, specifying serial number, calibration date and validity)
Note: NIST numbers should not be used nor required as proof of traceability Shall not contain any recommendation on the interval between calibrations.
N/A Date of issue of the report or certificate