EXFO Suppliers Diversity program

Our Policy

It is EXFO policy to provide maximum practical opportunity to diverse suppliers to provide goods and services to the company as a part of our corporate procurement process. The use of diverse suppliers is an integral part of our purchasing procedures that provide to EXFO the best fit for our needs. We recognize that supplier diversity creates a competitive advantage for our company and positively impacts the global community. We believe that the success of the company and society depends on enabling diverse businesses to share and grow in the global market.

If you wish to become part of EXFO supplier base, please read carefully EXFO requirements and contact us.

About Our Program

We seek to create sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships with diverse suppliers. To do this, EXFO established procurement goals for goods and services by including in our RFQ process suppliers from Minority owned businesses.

In addition to setting specific targets, we have implemented other tools and programs to help us build a world-class program and work to ensure the growth, sustainability and increased competitiveness of our diverse suppliers.

Interested in becoming an EXFO supplier? Here's what we'll expect from you:

  • We hold all our suppliers to the same standards to which we hold our own employees.  You will find those criteria with more details on our “Requirements” page.
  •  Additionally, EXFO recognize many associations and agencies that enable us to identify small and diverse suppliers.