FastReporter 2

Software solution for optical data post-processing: for managing test data and generating reports that integrate OTDR, iOLM, OLTS (loss and ORL), connector inspection, chromatic dispersion and PMD test results.

Removing the Snag Out of Post-Processing

Analyzing optical test data presents various challenges whether for loss, ORL, OTDR and iOLM testing, connector inspection, or advanced characterization such as PMD and CD.

What you need is a software solution that automates it all, from post-processing to full report generation — whatever the application

Designed for off-line analysis of field-acquired data, EXFO's FastReporter 2 offers reliable data and report management in one user-friendly environment. Everything to boost efficiency and productivity for all your optical test applications.

FastReporter 2 Highlights

  • Intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Live templating for OTDR testing
  • Powerful batch processing
  • Bidirectional batch analysis
  • Automatic tool for duplicated measurement verification
  • Live field analysis with direct on-site report generation (Only on FTB-1)

FastReporter 2 is available for

 VersionReleased on 
FastReporter 2 Mini ToolBox 1 2.16 Oct. 2016 Download Area
- All versions   
FastReporter 2 Mini ToolBox 2 2.16 Oct. 2016 Download Area
FastReporter 2 Mini ToolBox 1 2.15 Mar. 2016 Download Area