FTB-88000 PowerBlazer Series

FTB/IQS-88000 Power Blazer high-speed compact field testing solution; covering 10M-to-100G Ethernet, SONET/SDH and OTN testing capabilities.

To address 100G deployment challenges, EXFO is introducing the FTB-88000 Power Blazer as a revolutionary testing solution:

  • The only compact field testing solution supporting 10M-to-100G rates in single module; addressing all 40G/100G field upgrades and lower rate client services turn-ups and covering wide range of technologies including; SONET/SDH, OTN & Ethernet; required today for testing 100G converged networks.
  • Future-proofed product. Using the Flex configuration, customers can enable any testing capabilities to match their immediate needs at an economically reasonable price and offers the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the unit can easily adapt to future needs up to 100G.
  • Designed for field testing with simplified and easy to use GUI that extends the 100G experience from the lab to the field. Hosted in EXFO’s FTB-500 platform, brings lots of flexibilities including; remote management, battery operation, integrated optical tools and the flexibility to combine the module with EXFO’s optical modules including optical.
  • EXFO-Connect compatible: cloud-based services including inventory and test data management as well as floating licenses

FTB-88000 PowerBlazer Series is available for

 VersionReleased on 
Power Blazer Series ToolBox X 2 1.75 Dec. 2020 Download Area
- All versions   
Power Blazer Series ToolBox X 2 1.55 Dec. 2019 Download Area
Power Blazer Series ToolBox X 2 1.23 Dec. 2017 Download Area
Power Blazer Series ToolBox X 1 1.12 Nov. 2015 Download Area