OSA20 Firmware for Windows 10

OSA20's embedded firmware.

The OSA20 is a diffraction-grating based optical spectrum analyzer, using a touch sensitive display with multi-touch gesture control. The OSA20 firmware provides an extensive suite of built-in analysis functions enabling input signal measurement and analysis for many common applications.

The OSA20 firmware features one general analysis mode and various built-in application-oriented analysis modes. Each analysis mode has a full suite of analysis functions for a detailed spectrum analysis:

OSA – Optical Spectrum Analyzer (general)

General operation mode containing most of the analysis tools available on the OSA20.

WDM – Wavelength Division Multiplexing
This mode is for transmission system analysis: characterization of WDM signals such as Coarse WDM, Dense WDM and ROADM.
MML – Multimode Laser

Characterization of multi-mode laser sources such as Fabry-Perot laser diodes.

RLT – Recirculating Loop Transmission

This mode is a special version of WDM that takes into account long distance transmission system analysis with a recirculating loop.

OFA – Optical Fiber Amplifier

Characterization of Optical Fiber Amplifiers such as Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier.

SML – Single Mode Laser

Characterization of single mode lasers such as distributed feedback Bragg laser diodes and external cavity lasers.

BBS – Broadband Source

Characterization of Broad Band Sources such as Semiconductor, Raman or Fiber Optical Amplifiers and superluminescent or Edge-Emitting LED.

PCT – Passive Component Tester

Characterization of passive components such as optical filters, isolators or fibers

This firmware can only be installed on an OSA20 running on Windows 10. To check which version of Windows is installed on your OSA20:

In the OSA20 home window, touch the System button.

Touch the More button to access the system additional information. The PC section indicates the operating system (OS) version installed on your OSA20: Windows 7 or Windows 10.


OSA20 Firmware for Windows 10 is available for

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OSA20 Updater for Windows 10 OSA20 Series 1 Sep. 2023 Download Area
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OSA20 Updater for Windows 10 OSA20 Series 1 Aug. 2022 Download Area
OSA20 Updater for Windows 10 OSA20 Series 1 Dec. 2021 Download Area
OSA20 Updater for Windows 10 OSA20 Series 1 Aug. 2021 Download Area