CT440/CT440-PDL Installer

Installer package for CT440 and CT440-PDL software.

The CT440/CT440-PDL installer enables you to install the following components on your computer:

CT440/CT440-PDL GUI software

The GUI allows you to control the CT440/CT440-PDL: you can configure the tunable laser sources parameters and measurement settings, and start Insertion Loss and Polarization Dependent Loss (if available) measurements.

CT440/CT440-PDL Library

The library provides an example on how to use the CT440_lib.dll in C, Python and LabVIEW programming languages. An example is available for each platform (Win32 and Win64).

CT440/CT440-PDL USB driver

The USB Driver enables your computer to communicate with the CT440/CT440-PDL

Samples of traces and configuration that can be loaded in OFFLINE mode

(made on a CT440-PDL PM15 with 4 detectors)

CT440 and CT440-PDL Documentation

CT440/CT440-PDL Installer is available for

 VersionReleased on 
CT440 Installer CT440 Series 1 Sep. 2023 Download Area
- All versions   
CT440 Installer CT440 Series 1 Oct. 2022 Download Area
CT440 Installer CT440 Series 1 Apr. 2019 Download Area