Single-Ended Dispersion Analyzer

EXFO’s software for the FTB-5700 Single-Ended Dispersion Analyzer combines CD and PMD measurement into a highly automated, high-efficiency, single-ended test solution.

Combining PMD and CD in one test solution that enables technicians to characterize multiple links from a single location, the FTB-5700 is built specifically for today’s high-speed network reality. Its highly intelligent interface and functionalities ensure that test parameters are automatically optimized, whatever the link.

  • Groundbreaking single-ended testing technology: reduces both the testing time and operational expenses (OPEX)
  • Highly robust technology for underground and aerial fiber
  • Network recognition: unit automatically adopts the proper parameter setups
  • Link length measurement
  • Complies with ITU G.650.3 fiber testing standard and FOTP-243 standard and FOTP-175B standards

Single-Ended Dispersion Analyzer is available for

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Single-Ended Dispersion Analyzer ToolBox 9 (Win 8.1 Pro only) 2.2 Jan. 2015 Download Area