Polarization Mode Dispersion Analyzer

EXFO’s software for the FTB-5500B PMD Analyzer.

Less than Five-Second Testing Time

The rugged FTB-5500B features a market-leading PMD measurement time of less than five seconds—for any PMD value. With this tool, you improve testing efficiency, reduce testing costs, test more fiber, and test it faster.

A Unique Approach to Testing through EDFAs and Removing Auto-Correlation Peaks

The FTB-5500B’s unique technology allows for both the auto-correlation and cross-correlation to be known. Therefore, any spectral shape of source can be used. The auto-correlation peak is removed and higher accuracy and resolution are obtained. PMD of 0 ps can be measured. In addition, a signal transmitted through EDFAs can be analyzed for total link PMD.


Polarization Mode Dispersion Analyzer is available for

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Polarization Mode Dispersion Ana ToolBox 9 (Win 8.1 Pro only) 3.27 Dec. 2014 Download Area