EXFO Connect Client

Enables connection and data exchange with EXFO Connect Server.

EXFO Connect Client (ECC) is an application that runs on EXFO platforms, which allows connection to the EXFO Connect Server (ECS) to transfer relevant data to/from the server. When EXFO Connect Client is connected to EXFO Connect Server, the following information is exchanged:

  • Upload the test data from a platform to ECS
  • View the transaction status for the test result uploads
  • View the platform to server connection status
  • Download latest product packs or services packs to the platforms
  • Download and auto install FTB-Care licenses to the platforms

EXFO Connect Client is available for

 VersionReleased on 
EXFO Connect Client ToolBox 9 (Win 8.1 Pro only) 5.6 Jun. 2017 Download Area