8510B Packet Blazer

Ethernet test module software pack: a fully integrated test solution for performance assessment of Ethernet transport networks.

EtherSAM enhancements:
  • Capability to perform EtherSAM on port 2 for FTB/IQS-8510B and RTU-310. Previously, EtherSAM was available on port 1 only, the user can now choose between port 1 or port 2
  • Capability to set CIR=0
  • Capability to disable the overshoot test
  • For the service configuration test capability to set total CIR bandwidth of all streams to more than 100% line rate. If line rate exceeds 100%, the EtherSAM service performance test does not run.

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Packet Blazer 8510B ToolBox 9 (Win 8.1 Pro only) 3.1 Feb. 2015 Download Area