85100G Packet Blazer

FTB/IQS-85100G release 2.8 enhancing the multistage multiplexing schemes functionality up to OTU4 and which now include SONET/SDH client mapping into OTN containers.

OTU3e1/e2 software option in release 2.1 enables:
  • OTU3e1 (44.57 Gbit/s) and OTU3e2 (44.58 Gbit/s) optical rates
  • OTU3e1 and OTU3e2 BER testing
  • OTU3e1 and OTU3e2 alarm and error generation and monitoring
  • OTU3e1 and OTU3e2 overhead manipulation and monitoring
  • OTU3e1 and OTU3e2 round-trip delay (RTD) and service disruption time (SDT) measurements
OTN SDT measurement
  • Supported for all OTN rates on the FTB/IQS-85100G module including OTU3, OTU3e1, OTU3e2 and OTU4
  • Offers user selectable triggers including alarms and errors at different OTN layers
  • Supports user configurable “No Defect Time” parameter for controlling the time between multiple disruptions, allowing the user to measure multiple disruptions even when they happen within very short period of time
  • Provides service disruption statistics including longest, shortest, last, average and total disruption time

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FTB-85100G Packet Blazer ToolBox 9 (Win 8.1 Pro only) 2.17 Feb. 2017 Download Area